Does YZ™ contain caffeine?
No. All three YZ™ products are caffeine-free. The Antioxidant Raspberry Green Tea and Digestive Health Lemon Ginger mixes include green tea extracts that do not contain caffeine.
What is YZ™?
YZ™ is an all natural health and wellness drink that contains electrolytes plus an added benefit.
How many calories are in YZ™?
There are 40-45 calories in a full packet of YZ™, depending on which product you are using. This is less than half the calories of the leading sports drinks.
How much does one packet make?
Each packet is designed to go in 16 oz. of water but usage levels can vary depending on whether an individual likes their drinks sweeter or lighter.
How much do you recommend I take?
There are no recommended usage amounts with YZ™. It is a beverage that does contain beneficial ingredients and can be consumed as often as you like depending on your desired caloric intake.
What is in the immunity formula that helps my immune system?
The immunity product contains vitamin C, vitamin E, elderberry extract, and grape seed extract.
What antioxidants are in the Antioxidant product?
The antioxidant mix contains green tea extract, pomegranate extract, and acai extract.
What is in the digestive health product that helps digestion?
The digestive health product contains 3 grams of prebiotic fiber and green tea.
What is prebiotic fiber?
Prebiotic fiber is fiber that promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut. While probiotics are the actual bacteria, prebiotics stimulate the growth and survival of probiotics.
When should I take YZ™?
YZ™ can be used as an everyday product that helps make your water more interesting and beneficial. The electrolytes make it ideal for a workout but it can be consumed at any point during the day for any reason, just like any other beverage.
What is YZ™ sweetened with?
YZ™ is sweetened with organic cane sugar and Stevia.
Is YZ™ made with all natural ingredients?
Yes, everything in YZ™ is either a natural ingredient or the extract of one, so there are no synthesized substances or chemical additives.
Can I give YZ™ to my kids?
Yes, YZ™ is perfectly safe for kids.
What provides the color?
The color is provided by the natural extracts and vegetable powders.
What makes the bubbles?
YZ™ Hydravescent Crystals cause an effervescent reaction in the water, releasing bubbles that carry vitamins, nutrients and other health benefits to your body. There is no carbonation involved in YZ™’s production.
Is YZ™ Kosher certified?
No, YZ™ is not Kohser certified.
Why is there soy?
Soy comes as a part of the flavor ingredients from the flavor manufacturer. The amount of soy is incredibly small but it still must be put on the label. Soy lecithin is a natural ingredient that helps flavor oils dissolve into the solution better.
Is YZ™ gluten-free?
YZ™ contains no ingredients that contain wheat, oats, rye or barley.
Why is there sugar in YZ™?
The sugar in YZ™ serves to provide the body with necessary energy and is also needed, along with electrolytes, to help the body hydrate quicker. The sugar also serves to improve the flavor profile.
Do you make a no calorie YZ™?
A no calorie beverage provides zero energy and would not be an effective hydration product. Our research showed that most consumers consider less than 50 calories per 16oz serving to be low calorie.
Does YZ™ provide hydration comparable to ready-to-drink beverages?
Yes, YZ™ provides the same hydration and performance benefits as the leading ready-to-drink sports drinks.